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It really is a small world after all

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This just in from our product development laboratories in Twisty Hills, U.S.A….a new Disney-esque design that was commissioned by a MINI enthusiast who drives a bee-themed, Liquid Yellow cabrio:

A limited number of shirts with this design will be available at MM4. I’ll also have the design available on a few other things (magnetic grill badges, fridge magnets and party beads). Artwork by COOPERation, of course.

Don’t forget to visit MINIBee’s Motoring Merchandise for many other motoring designs.


My Dad’s first ride in a MINI!

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Today we took my Dad for a tour of the assisted living home where he’ll live. He’s very happy with the place and liked his apartment a lot. He’ll be moving in on Labor Day weekend. One of the best parts for me was taking him for his first ride in MINIBee. We went there and back with the top down and he loved it. It was the first time I’ve seen him really smile since my Mom died two weeks ago. 

They’re not clown cars, but this is pretty funny!

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My son sent me this short but funny animated movie. Click HERE to see it.

I guess there’s power in numbers!  🙂

More lessons learned at autocross

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The August Martin Sports Car Club autocross was Sunday in Tavares. It was a fast course and I felt like I was driving OK but I was squealing and sliding in the turns too much. After my second run I asked master Cooper driver Raddy Schatte to ride with me and give me a critique. He made some great points and then I rode with him to see his lines. On my final run I made some changes and shaved off 1.1 seconds! That put me just 1.8 seconds behind the other master Cooper driver, Ben Turner, who finished first in our class. Last month I was about three seconds behind Ben so I’m making progress!

I had a CruiseCam running and that has helped me analyze my mistakes. Raddy thought I was braking a little early and not hard enough. He also noticed a few times when I was crossing over on the wheel instead of shuffling my hands (you can see this on the video). I know to shuffle but have temporary memory loss when things get moving fast. The video turned out cool because I was able to cut the CruiseCam tape together with a tape my son made using an external camera. Check it out:

I taped a bunch of my MINI friends on the course and will be putting together a highlight video soon.

I’m getting a set of holies and Falken Azenis from Raddy and they will be my race wheels. Just got a deal on a set of Koni FSD struts on ebay for $485 new in the box. And I’m planning to get  Ireland fixed camber plates, TSW springs and Megan lower control arms from Dustin at in the next month. It will be interesting to see if those changes will make a dent in my times or if I’m just going to have to wait for my skills to develop.

Official MTTS photos are now online

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After a long travel day I made it to northern Michigan about midnight Monday. The airline lost my suitcase so I had to buy some clothes to hold me over until they find it. Although I was exhausted when I finally arrived at my parent’s house, I found myself unable to sleep. My dad was sleeping so I ended up doing some research about veteran’s affairs, social security benefits and other things to get things going.

I also did some web surfing just to kill some time and found the official MTTS photos are now online. Here’s a sample of a really cool LY cabrio:

Off topic – My mom has passed away

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I was on the way home from autocross when I got the call. My mom, who was suffering from cancer and in the care of Hospice, passed away on Sunday evening. She was 73. I’m on my way to northern Michigan now to help my dad take care of things and to get him ready for the move back to Florida.  It’s likely I won’t be posting here as often for the next few weeks. Then again, maybe I will be posting since I find it so therapeutic to share my thoughts here. I guess time will tell.

A case for your magnetic grill badges

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I have a large collection of magnetic grill badges and I like to change them on MINIBee pretty often. I tried keeping them in the compartment on my armrest but the edges were getting bent. So for a long time they have been stored on the fridge and on the door of the clothes dryer in the garage.

At the Dragon this year my NAM friend Mishka shared an idea with me. He had found a cool case for his grill badges (a mini DVD case). When I returned home I looked at every store in town and could not find one like it. I asked him where he found his and although I could find some like it online, I was hoping to find some without branding so I could “mod” them. Finally I found what I looking for and with modding complete, I now have MINI magnetic grill badge cases.

The vinyl padded and zippered cases are adorned with a thick, brushed chrome MINI emblem. Each case holds and protects 12 magnetic grill badges in individual sleeves. This is another one of the items I will have on my table at Mickey and MINI 4.