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I found a way to get people waving again….

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All you have to do is ride around town in your MINI in a Santa suit and everyone waves! It’s like magic!

Merry Christmas!


A MINI Little Christmas

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Using new lyrics put to a Christmas classic, this slideshow features the members of Sunshine MINIs in holiday parades over the last three years. Click below for the World Premier of Have Yourself a MINI Little Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Sorry I’ve been away for awhile…

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here and I feel badly about that. About four weeks ago my Dad had a massive stroke and he has been in and out of the hospital. So although I have MINI stories to tell I haven’t had much time to tell them lately. It’s good to be back. And although some of the posts you’ll be seeing are from things that happened weeks ago, I think you’ll still enjoy them. 

For now I just want to share a photo I took of MINIBee while at MINIs Slay the Sleeping Dragon in October.

More to come soon!

Sunshine MINIs at the Ybor City Santa Fest Parade

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For the third year in a row I have organized appearances in some holiday parades for Sunshine MINIs in the Tampa Bay area. On Saturday we were unit 39 in the Ybor City (Tampa) Santa Fest Parade. Although at one point we were going to have eight MINIs in our unit but due to some scheduling conflicts, bad tires and one back injury suffered while detailing for the parade (hope you feel better Snooter), we ended up with only four MINIs. So we were small but we were mighty!

MINI_Marc (Marc) decorated his MINI with what seemed like a 12-foot inflatable snowman. I was sure it was going to fall off during the parade but somehow he secured it. Englishmuffin42 (Sara) had her Cooper decorated as a silver ornament (very clever). Caveman (Evan) borrowed the big antlers from Snooter’s Rudy and was decked out as an Electric Blue Rudolph. And MINIBee was a Liquid Yellow Santa’s sleigh again, with kids mistaking the driver for the real thing.

Thanks to the generosity of Sara and her family at Sign Solutions in Tampa, we gave out 400 strands of SSM medallion beads, 1500 strands of plain beads and 1500 little SSM sticker/candy packs that Sara made. Thanks Sara! The crowds loved us as always and I was interviewed for the local public access cable TV show. My photo gallery is here. Sara’s photo gallery is here. Now on to the New Port Richey night parade where we get to decorate with hundreds of blinky lights! Woohoo!