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A banned MINI commercial?

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In case you haven’t seen this before (I hadn’t), this MINI commercial has been banned but stil lives on through the power of YouTube:

Every time I watch it I feel like taking a shower. 🙂


Have you heard about Trapster?

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DISCLAIMER – I’m posting this information not because I’m endorsing speeding. On the contrary, I’m posting it because I think it’s a great way for everyone to stay aware of what’s out there. I often find myself enjoying good weather and top-down motoring so much that I don’t realize how fast I’m going. So I see this as a good way to keep myself in check. DISCLAIMER CONCLUDED

While exploring the features of my new GPS I came across Trapster, a web site and database system that uses reports from members to track speed traps and cameras. It will send text messages to your cell phone and on the iPhone there is an application for monitoring and reporting what you find while driving. It also will interact with many GPS brands using an area you define on a map. Here is an animated explanation of how it works:

Trapster demo here

You can set up groups for sharing reports in your state or local area and even set a new area when you go out of town so you can benefit from local knowledge.  I used it today and it accurately alerted me to a live speed monitoring operation in Tampa. Pretty darn cool stuff.