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A great day to drive fast

Posted in Autocross, General, MINI Videos on February 22, 2009 by minibee62

I started running with the Florida Suncoast BMW Car Club of America this year and today was the second autocross of the year. I really enjoy the way they do things and running on concrete is the best! The course was very fast and I drove it well, but the midpoint turnaround was a challenge in the Cooper. Coming out of it in the low end of second gear made for a slow start to the second half of the course because the Cooper has no power there.I tried rev-matching and going into first a few times but that didn’t work either. I was able to improve my time by three seconds by the end of the day and I only hit one cone all day, so I was happy than that. And the best part…I had a great time and it was a beautiful day. I tried out the new Schroth harness and now I’m wondering why I waited so long to get one. I’m going to enjoy using that at the Dragon this year. 

Here’s a two-camera video of my best run of the day:


It’s nice to be popular

Posted in General on February 20, 2009 by minibee62

Twice a week I take my daughter to school and have always noticed how much the Safety Patrols enjoy it when they are  the “one” who opens the door on the MINI. I totally understand their excitement. I mean what’s not to like? We usually roll up with the top down, some cool music playing on the stereo and when asked, we blow the oogah horn for them. I have actually watched as these kids have argued over who gets to open MINIBee’s door. It’s been pretty fun to watch.

But this week it got even better. We were in the car loop and the line stopped. An excited safety patrol started walking toward us, eager to be the one who touched MINIBee that day. But before he got to us, the line started moving again and we pulled to the front of the line. Determined that he would not to miss his opportunity, the young man left his post and sprinted to the front of the line, then cheerfully opened the door. My daughter, grinning ear to ear, got out and as I pulled away I saw that safety patrol slapping high 5’s with his buddies.

Later, I found this note on my daughter’s desk. She even picked the right color!

The last six months have been tough

Posted in General with tags on February 20, 2009 by minibee62

When I started this blog my goal was to post something every day. I kept on track for the first month or so but then some things happened that needed my attention. On August 10th of last year my Mom died and my siblings and I had to move quickly to find a safe home for my Dad. Some of you may remember that we moved him to Florida, near my sister and I. He did OK at first but he really missed my Mom. With time we had hoped he would realize  he could have a different life without her. Just before Thanksgiving he had  a massive stroke and although he recovered well from it physically, he never was the same emotionally. On January 24th he died and honestly I think his heart was broken and he just gave up. Their 53rd wedding anniversary would have been Feb. 4 so he never had to celebrate one without her.

In the six months he was here in Florida we spent more time together than we had spent in the last ten years, so I have no regrets about moving him. One of my fondest memories will be me and my Dad in MINIBee, going to the VA or for a doctors appointment or just out for ice cream, with the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces. He loved riding in the MINI.

Now they are together again and I hope he has his own MINI. May they both rest in peace.