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The GoPro Wide camera is awesome!

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I had BMW CCA autocross on Sunday and took the opportunity to test some new cameras I bought for our video arsenal at work. The main one was a GoPro Motorsports HERO camera. This little camera is awesome. It’s a tiny video and still camera that comes with a bunch of different mounts for attaching it all over you car. The camera takes in an amazing 170-degree field of view with a super sharp lens and it’s enclosed in a shock-proof and water-proof housing. This little thing is bomb-proof! runs on runs on just two AAA lithium batteries. It has 16MB of built-in memory and a slot for adding SD cards. Resolution is 512X384 (close to standard def broadcast). The suction cup mount is very sturdy. I used it on eight runs in two locations and it never budged.

The second camera I used was a Canon Powershot SX1 IS on a CruiseCam mount. This is a high-end point-and-shoot that also does full 1080i HD video. The image is spectacular and you can see the clarity and sharpness in the cockpit shots of the above video.

The best thing about both these cameras is no tape! With the video writing to digital cards, editing is easy and fast.


Ryan’s MINI Adventure shirts available – to benefit charity

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Due to another great collaborative project and the fine artwork of our esteemed MINI artist Mr. COOPERation, we now have a t-shirt design for Ryan’s MINI Adventure. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, ornaments, mugs and a bunch of other items are available now in my Cafepress store.

Ryan's MINI adventure

All proceeds from sales of the Ryan’s MINI Adventure items will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Ryan’s memory.

Ryan’s parents put the video I made from MOTD on the front page of the Ryan’s MINI Adventure Site!

Wait, there’s more! Ryan’s MINI made it on the Killboy site. I stopped on one of my runs and asked one of Darryl’s photographers to make some photos of Ryan’s MINI on the Dragon. So here they are. That’s me in MINIBee coming around the corner in the background. : )

Ryan’s MINI on Killboy

Please go to their web site to sign the guestbook and tell them how much you enjoyed seeing Ryan’s MINI on the Dragon.


Well, I spoke too soon. I just received notice that the Ryan’s MINI Adventure shirt design violates Cafepress rules because it uses the word MINI in the design. I knew this was a risk but thought since the web site is called Ryan’s MINI Adventure they would let it go. For now we have swapped out the design with one that just says “Ryan’s Adventure.” Not optimal but some of this is out of my control. I have sent a note to the attorney with whom I corresponded with last time, explaining the design is being sold for charity. So I’ll let you know what he says. For now the design has been changed to this:

FOTD – Fail of the Dragon

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At MOTD this year I was startled by the number of people in the MINI community who were constantly crossing the double yellow line. Usually I drive the Dragon watching for bikers over the line. This year, I was watching for MINIs.

These photos, taken from the Killboy, Moonshine and Zee Foto web sites (plus one video by MINIBee), were all made during MOTD 7. On the first day we heard reports that a MINI had crossed the line and forced a biker off the road. Are you shocked? Appalled? Keep watching and you’ll see many examples of FOTD – Fail of the Dragon.

Sure, some people may see these photos who were unaware they were crossing the line. If that’s you, this is your wakeup call. But when you look at many of the photos it’s clear people are intentionally crossing the center line.

Is this what we stand for as a community? We curse the bikers for crossing the line and then we go out and do it ourselves? The challenge and the honor in driving the Dragon at a spirited pace comes when you do it between the lines. Anyone can ride down the center of the road and do it fast. Come on people, lives are at stake here.

If you are in one or more of the photos (or video) I make no apologies. They are public record and you knew the photos were being made. I’m sure this will be controversial but I’m hoping through constructive discussion some good will come from it.

Ryan’s MINI at MINIs on the Dragon 7 Video Tribute

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This video is comprised of photos from many of the events at MOTD 7, including the panoramic photo. It was an honor to have this opportunity to pay tribute to a special little MINIac and her special little MINI.

MOTD 7 panoramic photo with a special guest

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It was rainy and muddy but we still had a bunch of MINIs for the annual panoramic photo at MINIs on the Dragon. Click on the image below to see a Quicktime VR panoramic of the front row of MINIs and look for our special guest, Ryan Marie’s #3 MINI, from Ryan’s MINI Adventure.

(You’ll need Apple’s Quicktime software to view the panoramic VR. To scroll click on the image and drag your cursor around.)