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MINI Cooper Polar Bear Motorers

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We’re having some really cold weather here in Florida (for Florida at least) and last night I had a rare opportunity to break my personal temperature record for top-down motoring. My previous best was 29 degrees set during a midnight run on the Dragon so when the mercury dipped briefly to 27 here and then settled at 28, I decided to act.

Using my iPhone mounted in a KUDA holder on the right downtube, I ran a live video stream of the run using the new Qik streaming software for the iPhone. The record-breaking run could be seen live on Facebook and on my live streaming page here. Pretty cool stuff! I am amazed at the quality considering how dark it was and that I was going 60-70 mph for most of it. Check it out:

MINIBee’s Record-Breaking Cold Weather Attempt

My friend Mike McGill was in touch last night after motoring top-down in Missouri with the temperature at 11. You heard that right, 11 degrees. Hats off to Mike for that! Here is his video. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to motor with MINIBee in temperatures that cold to but if I do I’ll give it a try! At 28 the drive was really quite pleasant and invigorating.

Bruce Nelson pointed me to the Arctic MINI run in Canada so I’m going to put that on my bucket list. Don’t know if I will ever make it that far in MINIBee but maybe I could rent.

I started a MINI Cooper Polar Bear Motorers group on Facebook so if you like cold-weather motoring, come join the discussion.


Little Girls Can Do Big Things — IN SPACE!

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I’ve  posted several times about Ryan’s MINI Adventure, most recently about MINI USA’s plans to honor Ryan’s memory. Well, what I’m about to tell you is just unbelievable.

Ryan and her MINI went to space on Space Shuttle mission STS-129. The following posts are from a journal kept by Ryan’s parents:

Monday, November 16, 2009 5:57 PM, EST

Although I continue to struggle with my beliefs on whether there is a heaven above, there is one thing I know for sure…today, Ryan and her MINI ascended to the highest point man travels aboard STS-129.

Our family owes a great debt of gratitude to cousin Diana and Astronaut Leland Melvin for making our dream come true.  I could have never imagined when we started Ryan’s MINI Adventure that Ryan and her MINI would one day have an opportunity to journey to Space.  I can’t even begin to explain the emotions I felt when I saw the Shuttle leave it’s launch pad today.  To think that a photo of our little girl is traveling 17,500 mph and will orbit 225 miles above Earth is absolutely overwhelming.  We are so blessed to have Ryan and to have family, friends and caring strangers who help each and every day to keep Ryan’s memory and spirit alive.’Little Girls Can Do Big Things’

Ryan,  I always knew your were going to reach great heights.
Safe travels to the Atlantis crew.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 8:02 PM, EST

Bruce was waiting for me at the door when I arrived home from work today.  He said hello and asked if I had seen his email.  I’d been out of touch working on an event all afternoon so my answer was ‘no’.  Seeing the smile on his face allowed my imagination to flow with my first thought being “the MINI space photos arrived”.

Not only did we receive two incredible photos of Ryan and her MINI looking out from the Space Station, but a box of goodies as well from Astronaut Melvin via our amazing cousin Diana.  The box contained the original photos signed by Leland Melvin, a certificate of authenticity, a mission patch and a short note.

Wow….that’s all I can think to say.  I just can’t believe this actually happened.  I would say it was luck but it wasn’t.  It was accomplished by the actions of cousin Diana and Astronaut Melvin who visited Ryan’s website and made an amazing gesture of compassion and for that we will forever be touched.  To think with only a few shuttle missions left in the program, Ryan made it to our Earth’s heaven.

I continue to be so proud of Ryan.  Her goodness is contagious. Who knows, maybe this will inspire little Ian to one day soar through the stars.

MINI USA to Honor Ryan’s MINI Adventure

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I thought it would be good to start off the New Year with some great news!

A few weeks back you may remember me saying that someone purchased a large order of  Ryan’s MINI Adventure (design by COOPERation and myself) items from my Cafepress store. I was excited because that meant I would be donating more than $200 to Leukemia research in Ryan’s memory. Well, it gets better. As it turns out, it was MINI USA who bought all those RMA items.

Below is part of an email I received from Ryan’s Mom:

Last week MINI USA HQ held a fundraiser in memory of Ryan.  Each day employees were invited to donate to a fund in her name.  Based on the level of contribution, employees were given shirts, mugs, mousepads or tote bags. Yesterday, our family was presented with a check for $3100 which will be given to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Ryan’s memory.  The rest of the money is to pay for a trip for three to the MINI plant in Oxford.  Continental Airlines has donated the airline tickets, the London based MINI USA events liaison will personally drive us to and from the plant with our local dealership offering transport to and from our home and the airport.  And if that wasn’t enough, they also had their graphics company create vinyl graphics to turn our MINI into a life size Ryan’s MINI.

Words can not express how we feel. I feel so proud to be Ryan’s Mom, she has shown us how precious all children are to the world.  To know that so many employees gave during a time when money is so scarce to not only help others who have been stricken with cancer but to send our little family to Oxford. And… they have asked permission to profile Ryan’s story and website in the next edition of MINI International Magazine. The people at MINI USA are one of a kind. It truly is a family atmosphere.

Jack…there’s something about MINIs. They attract the best people around. I can’t wait to have the graphics put on our car and drive down to the MOTD to meet you in person.

Wow! So last year I had the honor of getting photos of MINIBee with the Matchbox-sized Ryan’s MINI Adventure MINI at MOTD and this year it will be with that one and the big Ryan’s MINI.

Kudos to MINI USA for doing this. It’s things like this that make the MINI not just a car but a way of life.

And Just like it says on Ryan’s MINI, Little girls CAN do big things.