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MINIBee – Four years of Motoring with the Man and the MINI

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On March 26, 2010, MINIBee celebrated four years of motoring and also joined the 100,000-mile MINI Motoring Club. This retrospective video talks about those four years and the many motoring adventures that lead to the milestone. Thanks to all my motoring friends who shared in our many adventures. I look forward to the next 100,000!


MINIBee joins the 100K MINI Mileage Club

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The waiting is over. Just before 3 p.m. today on Beach Drive SE in St. Petersburg, MINIBee passed the 100,000-mile mark. And in a cool coincidence it was also the fourth anniversary of when I picked her up and drove her back from Tom Bush MINI in Jaclsonville. I’m working on a retrospective video with lots of old photos and video so watch for that later. Here’s to all our adventures, to all my great MINI friends and to the next 100,00. Now let’s see what’s out there!

Tomorrow is the big day!

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Not only is tomorrow the 4th anniversary of MINIBee’s adoption but tomorrow I will reach the 100k milestone. I motored 74 miles today and I’m currently at 99963, so just 37 miles to go!

When I reach 100k I plan to stop, no matter where I am,  and put this special grille badge on the grille:

100k Countdown – Day 9

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Just 67 miles today on a round trip to St. Petersburg again, bringing me to 99,889 and just 111 miles to go! Friday is the day!

100k Countdown – Day 8

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Added 75 more miles today on a trip to St. Petersburg and back to bring my total to 99822. Just 178 miles to go now! Friday still looks like the day.

100k Countdown – Day 7

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Motored to St. Petersburg again today for day two of the Best of Photojournalism judging, adding 65 more miles which brought me to 99747. Just 253 miles to go and based on an estimate of 65 miles a day for the rest of the week it looks like the big day will be Friday. That just happens to be MINIBee’s 4th birthday so this is working out VERY nicely!

100K Countdown – Day 6

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I motored to The Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg today for the start of the National Press Photographer’s Association Best of Photojournalism Multimedia contest judging. I am the committee chair for the multimedia contest so I will be going to St. Pete every day this week. That’s about 60 miles round trip so it’s looking like Friday will be the big day. Today I added 69 miles to bring the old odometer to 99682. Just 318 to go!