You can haul a lot more with a MINI Cooper than you’d think

People who don’t own a MINI but are considering getting one always have questions about the interior space and the ability to haul stuff. We own three MINIs and after driving SUVs for years I can tell you we don’t miss the SUVs one bit. When we need to get some bags of mulch or other large items we just fold the seats down and throw a blanket in the back (to protect the plastics) and we’re in business. For the few times each year when we’ve needed to haul something that’s too large to fit in one of the MINIs, I rent one of those $19.99-an-hour trucks at Lowe’s and us it to make a quick trip. What we save in gas by driving MINIs every day more than offsets the few times each year when we have to rent a truck to haul something. And in the convertible I can haul all kinds of stuff. Check out this photo of MINIBee with an 8-foot box inside. No problem!

Two of our MINIs have trailer hitches too, and we have one of those inexpensive Harbor Freight trailers. So we’ve gone as far as North Carolina with all four of us in the cabrio and our luggage in the trailer. You also can get one of those trailer hitch boxes for the back if you don’t want to pull a trailer. They hold a lot of stuff! Here’s MINIBee with our trailer attached during a trip to The Florida Keys.

So don’t worry about the MINI being too small inside because it’s not, especially if you only haul large items a few times a year. You can save money on gas plus have a ton of fun driving your little street-legal go-kart. Once you go MINI you’ll never go MAXI again!


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