MINI Cooper cookie cutters back in stock, ready to ship soon

Over the past several months I have had requests FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD for MINI Cooper cookie cutters. I just received new stock and will have a limited number of the following cutters available:

R50/R53/R56 Hardtop
R52/R57 Convertible
R55 Clubman
R60 Countryman
Classic MINI
MINI Wings

I will post ordering information soon. Each cutter is $6 and a set of all 6 id $30, which is a $6 discount. I will ship internationally but they have to be shipped in a box to prevent crushing and that costs more. Keep watching for more details.


6 Responses to “MINI Cooper cookie cutters back in stock, ready to ship soon”

  1. Víctor Martínez Says:

    I’m from Spain.
    how I can give you my shipping information?
    How I can pay you?


  2. Angela nardella Says:

    I’m interested in the cookie cutters could you please email me when you have them in stock. Thanks~

  3. Hi,

    I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’m trying to buy your cookie cutters on ebay but it says that there have been no shipping costs selected for this area.
    I am looking to order a ‘classic’ and a ‘wings’ as soon as, so if you could let me know how much I owe you, that would be great.


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