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MINI Cooper Cookie Cutters are now available on eBay

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The easiest way to get the fabulous MINI Cooper cookie cutters to you was to put them on eBay, and they are there now. You can choose from the MINI Cooper Hardtop, Clubman, Convertible, Countryman, Classic and MINI Wings. Some are available in limited quantities so if you have been waiting for these, don’t wait to grab ’em. Happy Holidays and have fun with your cookies.






MINI Cooper cookie cutters back in stock, ready to ship soon

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Over the past several months I have had requests FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD for MINI Cooper cookie cutters. I just received new stock and will have a limited number of the following cutters available:

R50/R53/R56 Hardtop
R52/R57 Convertible
R55 Clubman
R60 Countryman
Classic MINI
MINI Wings

I will post ordering information soon. Each cutter is $6 and a set of all 6 id $30, which is a $6 discount. I will ship internationally but they have to be shipped in a box to prevent crushing and that costs more. Keep watching for more details.

MINIBee’s Motoring Merchandise is open for business!

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Well, I finally did it! After a couple of years dabbling in MINI swag distribution and being a vendor at two major events, I decided to make MINIBee’s Motoring Merchandise legitimate and opened an online store. There you can find my new product, the Build-a-Badge™ magnetic badge holder, MINI lanyards, cookie cutters, glassware, 100,000 and 50,00o-mile metal grille badges and matching lapel pins, Go Pro HERO Wide Motorsports cameras at a deep discount and much, much more.

The store also has direct links to my Cafepress store which features the famous “Owner’s Badge” designs by COOPERattion in almost all the models and color combinations (new ones are added from time to time). You’ll find lots of other cool MINI T-shirts, coffee mugs, holiday ornaments, hoodies, etc…in there so check it out.

MINI Cooper Cookie Cutters for MM5

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Take a look at the cookies you can make with the cookie cutters I’ll have at MM5. Six different cutters in all folks. Classic, R50-R53, R56, Clubman, Cabrio and MINI wings. Each cutter will be packaged with a gingerbread cookie recipe and a recipe for Royal icing so you can decorate your cookies like this:

Its easy to make cookies like these

Sketchdude and I decorated those last night. Here they are getting cut and going into the oven:

The cookie cutters are $6 each or you can get the whole set (all six cutters) for $30. Also great for making Jello Jiggler shots (coming to the Dragon next year!)

Getting ready for Mickey and MINI 5

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Mickey and MINI 5 is less than three weeks away and I am once a vendor and participant. The MM5 merchandise is starting to roll in now, so I will posting photos of items as I have them to give you a sneak peek. I will have A LOT of cool stuff this year but most of it has been ordered in VERY LIMITED quantities. If you see something you want make sure you come see me early as I expect some of this stuff will be gone fast.

First up: The Limited Edition 1:58-scale MINI Cooper RC Car. Last year these were very popular with the kids and the adults (big kids). People were running these in the hotel courtyard and you had to watch where you stepped. They come in Chili Red and Pure Silver and are adorned with the MM5 logo on the roof. Batteries are included and they are ready to run right out of the box. I will have 15 red ones and 5 silver ones and that’s it. $14 each.

Ryan’s MINI Adventure shirts available – to benefit charity

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Due to another great collaborative project and the fine artwork of our esteemed MINI artist Mr. COOPERation, we now have a t-shirt design for Ryan’s MINI Adventure. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, ornaments, mugs and a bunch of other items are available now in my Cafepress store.

Ryan's MINI adventure

All proceeds from sales of the Ryan’s MINI Adventure items will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Ryan’s memory.

Ryan’s parents put the video I made from MOTD on the front page of the Ryan’s MINI Adventure Site!

Wait, there’s more! Ryan’s MINI made it on the Killboy site. I stopped on one of my runs and asked one of Darryl’s photographers to make some photos of Ryan’s MINI on the Dragon. So here they are. That’s me in MINIBee coming around the corner in the background. : )

Ryan’s MINI on Killboy

Please go to their web site to sign the guestbook and tell them how much you enjoyed seeing Ryan’s MINI on the Dragon.


Well, I spoke too soon. I just received notice that the Ryan’s MINI Adventure shirt design violates Cafepress rules because it uses the word MINI in the design. I knew this was a risk but thought since the web site is called Ryan’s MINI Adventure they would let it go. For now we have swapped out the design with one that just says “Ryan’s Adventure.” Not optimal but some of this is out of my control. I have sent a note to the attorney with whom I corresponded with last time, explaining the design is being sold for charity. So I’ll let you know what he says. For now the design has been changed to this:

Mickey and MINI 4 – Lots of work and lots of fun

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So I survived my first try at being a vendor at Mickey and MINI 4 over the weekend. It was a lot of work but I still had a great time. I especially enjoyed seeing how happy the MINI crowd was when they came to the table and saw all the cool MINI swag. And it was a kick to see people walking around the next day with shirts they got from me!

The most popular items were the magtastic grill badges and double badge holders from Cooperflags, the Small World Christmas ornaments, the RC cars, beads of all types, badge lanyards, magnetic badge cases and the die-cast MINI keychain flashlights.

One unpleasant thing was losing some items to the old “five finger discount.” One of those items was a $25 Cooper Flags badge holder. To the folks who took those things, I hope it was worth it!

The event itself was fantastic and everyone had a great time. It was the biggest ever with more than 270 registered participants and over 150 MINIs/minis!

The MINI crowd bought a ton of stuff and I will be making a donation to the Wolfson Children’s Hospital from a portion of the bead sales. So thanks for that!

I still have some items left and need to clear them out, so below I’ve listed my remaining items with reduced prices and links to photos of each item. PM me on SSM (MINIBee) or NAM (MINI_Bee) to let me know what you want from the list.

  • Cooper Flags magtastic badges.  photo 1   photo 2    REDUCED $5 each
  • Rectangular fridge magnets      photo    REDUCED $1 each
  • Round fridge magnets      photo      $1 each      
  • Assorted beads      photo      $1 each
  • Badge reels (assorted colors)       photo        $4 each
  • MINI embroidered patches     photo      $3 each
  • “It really is a small world after all” Christmas ornament     photo       $6 each
  • MINI “Jibbitz” for your Crocs      photo      $1 each
  • Magnetic grill badge cases       photo      SOLD OUT!
  • MINI die-cast keychain, flashlight & pull-back toy     photo   $9 each  SOLD OUT!
  • MINI diecast pull-back toy pen      photo     video    REDUCED $5 each
  • Motoring “E-Ticket Ride” ringer shirt      photo   REDUCED    $8 each
  • MINI Peace baseball shirt       photo    REDUCED   $10 each
  • MINI “Small World” ringer shirt        photo    REDUCED   $8 each
  • Thumb-sized RC MINI w/ custom MM4 roof graphic (only silver left)    photo   video  $10 each