MOTD 10 Embroidered Patches

OK everyone, here we go again. I’m proud to present to you the MOTD 10 embroidered patch design by COOPERation. As it’s been with all the other patches the background of this year’s patch features a MINI paint color. The color this year is SOLID GOLD METALLIC, honoring the rare MINI color by the same name that was available on R50 Coopers and R52 Cooper Cabrios only, from March 2003 to early 2005. The patch will be 3.5 inches and feature a background of gold metallic thread to make it stand out for the 10th anniversary of this great event. Patches are $6 each shipped with proceeds going to the Graham County Emergency Food Pantry. Use the link below to order. The record for patches sold for a single year is 140. Let’s beat the record!  Pre-orders are now closed. See me at Fontana to get MOTD 10 and MOTD Veteran patches.

I have a limited quantity of the 3.5 inch MOTD Veteran patches available for $6 each. Click here to order a MOTD Veteran patches. (Advance patch orders are now closed)

I also have MOTD Veteran pins. Click here to order MOTD Veteran Pins for $5, shipped. (Advance Pin orders are now closed)

The cutoff for orders on the MOTD 10 patches will be Sunday, March 18 at midnight ET. MOTD 10 patches are a PRE-SALE and will be sent via mail a few weeks before the start of MOTD. MOTD Veteran patches and pins will be mailed as orders are received. Email me if you have questions.

NOTE: WE BEAT THE RECORD! About 150 patches were sold on the pre-sale and I have 200 coming, so the remaining patches will be available at Fontana and if they all sell, we will completely bury the previous record of a 140 patches. Woohoo!


48 Responses to “MOTD 10 Embroidered Patches”

  1. Lea Ann Weisbruch Says:

    I’d LOVE one of the veteran patches!!!!

  2. Melinda Mahaffey Says:

    I’ll need at least 2… possibly 4.

  3. I will take one 10th Annual patches

  4. I would get the large patch.

  5. Melodie Martell Says:

    I just paid for 1 MOTD 10 patch via paypal. Thanks for doing this Jack.

  6. Gigi Lewing Says:

    Done! Thanks, Jack!

  7. How do we go about ordering the 10″ patch? I want 1 of each vetern, 10 annual and the 10″.

  8. James Dowdy Says:

    I would want one or two of the large vetrans patches. Keep us posted.

  9. John Drake Says:

    Put me down 2 of the 10″ wings! WOOT!

  10. I’d take two of back of jacket vet patches!

  11. Put me down for two patches.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Mike "Mishka" McGill Says:

    Count us in for 2 Veteran Patches!

  13. Larry "Chief" Justice Says:

    I’ll take a 10″ Vet’s patch.

  14. Bob Lavoie 'SPICYJCW COUPE' Says:

    I’ve just ordered 2 of the 2012 10th anniversary 3.5 inch patches. Also, add me to your list for one of the 10″ MOTD Veterans patch. Will look great on the back of my ‘patch’ jacket! Would these be shipped to us in enough time prior to the Dragon to have them on the jackets for the event?

    • Since so many people are interested in the large patches, I will be able to order them in advance and ship them in time for you to sew them on jackets before the event.

  15. Franticfreddy Says:

    Put me down for two of the large Veteran Patches. And I will be ordering 4 of the “MOTD 10”

  16. Bigarse Veteran patch for me, please! Suddenly, I am glad I didn’t build my MOTD Patch shadow box yet. I’m gonna need a bigger box!

  17. Jeff Cole Says:

    I’ll take one of the large patches. Thanks for doing this Jack.

  18. Any of this a grill emblem?

  19. Just purchased two MOTD 10th Anniversary Patches

  20. I would be interested in the 10″ Veteran patch as well! (Put me down for 2 if it helps us get to the total!) – josh

  21. Karen Philbrick M1N1M0X1E Says:

    I’d purchase one of the veterans wing patches.

  22. I will be ordering two 10th anniversary patches. I’d also like one of the large veteran patches as well. thanks!

  23. Folks, I’m sorry to tell you that I will not be able to provide the 10-inch MOTD Veteran patch out of consideration for copyright issues. If I can come up with a different solution I’ll post it here. Thanks.

  24. Bummer! Even though it’s not the full logo?

  25. John Drake Says:

    Have you tied to contact MINI USA, they may be happy to allow this to happen, after all it’s being showcased at MOTD, couldn’t hurt to send them a letter with a drawing of your idea!

  26. Gigi Lewing Says:

    Nice job! I want one of everything. 🙂

  27. Tina Loera Says:

    Nice!! I’ve gotta tell Melly yello about this!!

  28. Any more word on a large 10″ patch of some sort for the event? Would be really cool on a patch jacket. Just ordered smaller patches today – thanks so much for doing this for all of us!

  29. when are the 10th annual patches going to ship?

  30. WOOT!!!

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