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MINI Cooper Cookie Cutters are now available on eBay

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The easiest way to get the fabulous MINI Cooper cookie cutters to you was to put them on eBay, and they are there now. You can choose from the MINI Cooper Hardtop, Clubman, Convertible, Countryman, Classic and MINI Wings. Some are available in limited quantities so if you have been waiting for these, don’t wait to grab ’em. Happy Holidays and have fun with your cookies.






MINI 50th anniversary limited edition die-cast MINI from MINI United!

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This limited die-cast Classic Mini was available at MINI United and my SSM friend J3kidford  was kind enough to bring one back for me. Thanks Janet!

MINI Cooper Pen with removable pull-back toy

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This cool pen has been turning up as promotional item on the seminar circuit recently. It has a die-cast MINI on the end that is a removable pullback toy. 

Here’s a little movie of the MINI in action:

I found a source for these and if there is enough interest I’ll have some at my vendor’s table at Mickey and MINI 4. 

I get by with a little help from my friends

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I have a MINI die-cast collection and as you can expect, I’m partial to anything in Liquid Yellow. Sometimes I get lucky and find things in local stores on my own. And sometimes I win something cool on ebay. But most of my favorite models came from friends on the die-cast forum on NAM.

This Liquid Yellow Cooper with matching Caravan trailer has been eluding me for months. I literally have checked Wal Marts in several states and still came up empty. So when ChubbyChecker (his name is Bruce) posted on NAM that he had found one and knew where there were more, I asked him to pick one up for me. He did so without hesitation and I received it on Friday (thanks Bruce!). It’s important to note that he and I have only exchanged a few PM’s and forum posts, yet he was willing to help out a fellow collector. Things like this make me believe there is hope for NAM yet.