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A funny thing happened on the way to becoming a Motoring Advisor

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here and that seems odd, since now my life is filled with MINIs more than ever before. My life isn’t just filled with MINIs, it IS MINIs, since I became a Motoring Advisor at MINI of Wesley Chapel last March. Being an MA and doing it well requires about 55-60 hours a week at work so free time is tight. But I figure if I back off on Facebook a little and try to post here 3-4 times a week, I’ll be off to a good start. I’m working on the inside now, so I have access to a lot of cool stuff I can share. And my recent purchase of a John Cooper Works Roadster will provide plenty of opportunity for me to share my experiences as I build the next bee.

So if you haven’t been here in awhile because there weren’t any new posts, know that I’m working on it and intend to post here regularly starting now. There’s a lot happening in MINIBee’s world and your invited to motor along with me. I hope you enjoy the ride.


A new year, a new beginning!

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Here I sit, looking back on the turmultuous year that has been 2011. The year was filled with personal and professional challenges and some fantastic accomplishments too. Ultimately though, the sudden and unexpected elimination of my position at the St. Petersburg Times, after 26 years of service, took center stage in October and since then I have been focusing on the next chapter of my life.

Now, I’m pleased to tell you the outline for that chapter has been written…in February I will join the new MINI of Wesley Chapel as a Motoring Advisor, converting my love and passion for the MINI into a full-time job. I’m excited by the prospects and the opportunity to work with the leadership at the Morgan Auto Group and at Wesley Chapel, to learn the car biz and also provide an enthusiast’s perspective as we become active members in the community. We’re going to do great things there! If you’re in the area I hope you’ll come by and see us after we open. Don’t forget to ask for MINIBee.

Happy MINI New Year!

MINI of Wesley Chapel
26645 State Road 56, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544



Ryan’s MINI at MINIs on the Dragon 7 Video Tribute

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This video is comprised of photos from many of the events at MOTD 7, including the panoramic photo. It was an honor to have this opportunity to pay tribute to a special little MINIac and her special little MINI.

We will have a very special MINI at MOTD 7

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I will be bringing a special MINI from Ryan’s MINI Adventure to MOTD to make some important photos which also will give everyone an opportunity to be part of the most heartwarming MINI story ever. Several months ago I found about Ryan’s MINI Adventure through the die-cast boards on North American Motoring. Ryan Marie Boykin lived in Alexandria, VA. She was a happy, inquisitive little girl who loved to play with Matchbox cars and the Chili Red MINI was her favorite toy of all. She passed away from Acute Lymphoblatic Leukemia on July 1, 2007 when she was only three years old.

Her family wanted to give red Matchbox MINIs to friends and family as a way to honor her spirit and commemorate her life, so they began gathering as many as they could find. With help from friends and members of the Matchbox collectors community, more than 300 of the Chili Red MINIs were amassed. Of those, 103 were modded to become official Ryan’s MINI Adventure MINIs (like the one above). Many of those were given to family and friends and people who helped find them. A fleet of these special MINIs is held in reserve so they can be sent out to touch the world with this incredible story.

A few months back I contacted Ryan’s parents, Julie and Bruce, and asked them to send me one of Ryan’s MINIs so I could bring it to MOTD. At the time they were planning to attend MOTD themselves so I was looking forward to meeting them. Yesterday Julie contacted me to say they couldn’t make it and asked if I would bring a Ryan’s MINI to MOTD to be in the panoramic photo.

I plan to take lots of photos of Ryan’s MINI so please find me if you want to be in a photo or want to have your MINI photographed with Ryan’s MINI. I promise to send them all the photos and will publish a gallery of the photos later. And please go to their web site, read about Ryan’s life and sign the guest book. Let’s make this the best panoramic photo ever for Ryan and her family!